Elevate Your Impact Through
‘Creating ……..Space'

Our unique programme and new initiative have been piloted in an NHS Trust, resulting in outstanding results by reducing patient waiting times by up to 50%

Engaging healthcare professionals to be more effective with service delivery.

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‘Creating……… Space’

Working with our partners, including the NHS, we have developed a unique offering
to address the challenges that both the private and public sectors are facing.

The pilot programme undertaken over the last 12 months has revealed a significant improvement in efficiencies which has resulted in reducing patient waiting lists.

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The Opportunity

Our programme is carefully designed to empower your team to excel, innovate, and lead effectively in the present while also laying a strong foundation for a thriving

A blended learning approach that provides participants with the necessary
knowledge, skills and practices to lead with purpose and manage challenges

‘Creating……… Space’

‘Creating ……..Space’ enables you to explore and reshape your organisation’s
culture, drive unparalleled success, embrace exceptional leadership and shape your organisation’s future.

Why 'Creating…….. Space' Stands Out:


A focused workforce, committed to organisational outcomes and their contribution to the overall goals.

Inclusive Learning:

Challenge limiting beliefs, to celebrate diversity and promote equity as key drivers of organisational success.

Resilience and Sustainable Growth:e Learning:

Empower your organisation with the tools to thrive and foster a resilient culture to create sustainable growth.


Develop capable leaders who flex and adapt to maintain organisational agility.


Ensure your business strategies remain effective in future challenges. 


Consider the importance of legacy building to maximise the experience of colleagues and build a business with social responsibility in mind.

Create a space in your diary and find out more!

Programme Examples:

1. Cost of kindness – Are people saying yes too often, when they need to say no?
2. Mentoring Matters – Have we forgotten to share best practices and preserve expertise for the future?
3. Beyond 1:1 – Can efficiencies be created through the use of group work?
4. Contracting that Counts – Are current practices leading to increased waiting lists and creating a culture of patient dependency?
5. Boundaries for Better Outcomes – Are people's ability to manage boundaries impeding efficient practice?
6. Organisational Coaching – Are colleagues problem-focused and adverse to decision-making?
7. Making It Happen –Improving the people development strategy to ensure the organisational objectives are achieved.
8. Resilient Organisations – Are long and short-term absence and presenteeism a challenge?

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