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'Creating...Space' focuses on building resilient organisations and individuals for the future. Our training solution addresses the challenges that both the private and public sectors face: overwhelm and burnout.

Our new solution helps you upskill your team, nurture its member's individual strengths and skills and focus on achieving collective outcomes.

'Creating...Space' leads to organisational and individual sustainable transformation and ongoing growth.

Learning Portal

Why limit your training options when you can offer a blended learning approach with your very own branded Learning Portal?

Use your own logo and branding on our 'white label' portal to provide customised training. You can upload your own resources, use our expert training programmes or curate your own blended learning programmes. When you work with us you instantly gain access to a premium content library of over 80,000 elearning programmes that have been designed by experts worldwide.

Our Learning Portal is easy to access, tailored to your evolving needs and easy to manage.


Our own initiative 'Creating...Space' is empowering healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and service efficiency. Our new programme was developed with healthcare colleagues and piloted in multiple NHS Trusts. The outcomes seen have exceeded expectations.

Patient waiting lists have reduced by 50%!

Will the challenges your team is facing benefit from our new 'Creating...Space' offering? Connect with our partners who have already benefitted from 'Creating..Space'.

Leadership, Management and Coaching (ILM): Our resources and qualifications

Resources: Our extensive suite of Leadership, Management and Coaching resources
are designed to aid career progression and skill enhancement.

Our workbooks are sold globally and have been curated to meet specific ILM unit criteria. They are expertly designed for thorough training and formal qualifications from Level 2 to Level 7. Each workbook is supported by a tutor delivery pack to ensure your training programme and qualification processes are seamless.

Qualifications: We are proud to offer a wide selection of comprehensive Leadership, Management and Coaching qualifications at Level 3 to Level 7.

Our range of courses are tailored for aspiring leaders and managers. Our training programmes offer a blend of practical skills and theoretical insights to enhance your leadership capabilities and prepare you for advanced roles.

Want to discover the power of effective coaching and mentoring? Our ILM-accredited courses are designed for professionals at various managerial levels. Our accredited programmes focus on developing your core coaching skills, enhancing team performance and fostering leadership growth.

Interested? Embark on your transformative journey today.

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